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COVID-19: Most Foreign Students Back In Singapore For University, Some To Continue Online Classes Overseas

07.07.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

The COVID-19 pandemic forced multiple students to restrain from studying abroad. However, after so many months of restriction, finally, some of the countries are releasing the restrictions. Hence, this brings great relief to the young aspirants. This is more prominent in Singapore from the recent reopening of the institutions. Several existing students of Singapore universities are making a come-back to their usual lifestyle. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can definitely throw some light in this regard.

Joining The New Semester

In Singapore, the new semester is about to start in most of the autonomous universities. Therefore, for the eligible applicants, it's time to pack the bags and head towards the lovely country. Irrespective of the courses, the country is permitting the international students to rejoin the universities for the forthcoming session. As per the opinion of the best UK consultants in Delhi, Singapore is one of the fabulous countries to continue higher education. However, the students who already applied for the new semester faced a crisis due to the sudden lockdown. There were strict restrictions regarding the entry of outsiders into the country. Also, the unavailability of the conveyances was another issue. But it is good to see that the Singapore Government managed to bring the country again into the safety zone.

Although the institutions are open now, all the students are required to follow stringent guidelines. No one has permission to enter the premises without masks. Moreover, the authorities are taking notice of everyday cleaning and sanitization. These are all for the safety of the students as well as the staff.

Combined Classes By The Faculties

You can get to know from the study abroad consultants in Delhi that Singapore is right now conducting both online and offline classes. These simultaneous sessions are for the benefit of the students at large. Even in the post-lockdown period, the fear of coronavirus is still present. Hence, to make the students, as well as the guardians, take a sigh of relief, this is the new approach. Furthermore, according to the authorities of different colleges and universities, a mixture of online and offline can be helpful. However, the student has all the freedom to choose the mode of lecture.

Presently, the institutions are conducting most of the classes requiring large-scale lectures. Attending classes physically in Singapore is the preference of many. However, several others who are unable to leave their respective countries are continuing the online classes. Moreover, you can collect the study materials from the concerned websites too. Your true companion in this regard will be the best overseas education consultant in Delhi.

Availability Of the scholarships    

If you are still searching for the scholarship forms, do contact the study abroad consultant. Undoubtedly, the new programs for the abroad study scholarship will solve many of your problems in these tough times. Also, the consultants will show you the present structure of the fees for various institutions. Continue to apply as the process of approvals are not complete yet.

Brilliant Initiatives By Authorities

The steps taken by Singapore Government and the educational institutions are really commendable. In the words of the spokesperson of the National University of Singapore, they will consider the pending applications for approvals for the benefit of the international students. The students who already arrived in the country are spending their 14-days quarantine period. However, there is nothing to worry about in case you failed to arrive on time due to the delay in flights. All the institutions are really supportive enough to provide the facilities of remote learning to these students.

As the new academic year is coming near, the excitement is growing among so many students. Singapore understands how harmful the detachment of studies is for students. Hence, they are taking every precautionary measure to call the treasures of the universities back. Through the online lectures, they are holding the hands of the rest who are the poor victims of the circumstances. Be alert about all the information that the best study abroad consultants in Guwahati or Delhi are publishing.

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