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COVID Hasn't Crushed Study Abroad Plans, But Students Could Face 'More Competition' In 2021

28.04.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

Are you an applicant for the study abroad programs in 2021? Do you think that pandemic cannot stop you from achieving your dreams? Well, it is really a surprise that the Indian students are thinking in such a way. From the database of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, you will get to know the current situation. Just connecting with a study abroad consultant will not be enough. You have to follow up about the progress and the current position of the respective country.

Moreover, it is evident from such overwhelming responses that COVID-19 could not crash down the plans of the aspirants. Instead, the foreign governments can predict a rise in the number of applications. Therefore, 2021 is going to be a competitive year by all means. Enroll with the best UK consultants and plan your next steps wisely.

A Year Full Of Excitement

While the world is expecting a downfall in the number of Indians applying to study abroad, the reality is different. Moreover, the abroad study scholarship schemes also witnessed a drastic rise in the graph of applicants. Are you continuing to give a try for studying abroad, or have you canceled your plans already? Do not worry much when the best UK education consultants in Delhi are there to help you out. The process for applying for different foreign institutions is already on the go. Despite the COVID-19 spreading still far and wide, Indian students are eager to move abroad. However, countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia are not allowing any international students to enter. But the hike in the number of applications is keeping the authorities tensed too.

With the present situation in mind, experts are indicating a cut-throat competition in the coming session. The applications for the Fall semester are already out for the majority of the universities. Furthermore, before applying, you must know the restrictions and regulations relating to the COVID. But whatever it is, the students are unwilling to deter from their decision to study abroad. All their dreams will definitely take a new turn in this new year. So, undoubtedly it can be said that the upcoming session is going to be really enthusiastic and exciting.

The Last Survey

A notable observation is the center of excitement for the foreign institutions. Presently, the applications are more than the previous year. This implies that aspirants who canceled their plans in 2020 are also making another attempt. Therefore, to ensure this condition, Galvanize conducted a survey. Among the bunch of students whom he selected for the survey, approximately 89% gave a favorable response. This means that they are thoroughly excited to start a new phase with foreign education. So, the average percentage of aspirants dropping the plan entirely is only eleven. Isn't that really surprising?

You can take regular updates from the best overseas educations consultants in Delhi for UK. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will receive information about UK colleges only. Today, you can join the reputed colleges in other countries also. Some top-rated institutions are present in countries like Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Although 2021 is going to be an active year, the students are not tension-free. They also know that competition will be too much. So, this time, the scenario is pretty different. Amidst so many uncertainties also, the young aspirants are not going back. Another point to consider here is the change in the selection of colleges. Previously, the interested learners used to select only the top-class globally recognized universities. However, with a sudden change in the scenario, the less popular colleges are also in the competition. Several students are giving applications for such institutions.

Steps Of Admissify

Admissify has a significant role to play in such a challenging situation. They have separate packages for students opting for various courses. Moreover, by calling on 011-41319999, you can get sufficient information about different universities offering attractive scholarships. Be it a renowned university or just a state one; every detail is available with them. To give your dream a new direction, call WhatsApp or email on the registered numbers. You can connect with the executives easily and describe what you want. Be confident and crack the examination for going abroad.