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Germany — A dream destination to study abroad

21.07.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

A land from where 90+ Nobel laureates belongs, along with Robert Koch, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and may more – with their invention in medicine & natural sciences. It is also world famous for being the land of “poets and thinkers” because of personalities like Adorno, Bach, Kant, Beethoven & Goethe.

In this day & age Germany has rapidly grown to turn out to be one of the maximum explored destination for students across the globe. The region is referred to as a mecca of study for a purpose and to stay true to its name, Germany boasts many world class universities and may courses to pick from. In the latest published records, Germany has 387k foreign nationals as students. What makes it extra special is that Indian students make up 13% of the full global student occupants!

Study in Germany render various advantages , like:


Tuition fee waiver in most of the public universities

With 400+ institution Germany is having a world class education structure with some of public universities which offers free tuition fees. As Germany is state funded and regularly encouraging their institutions with fund allocation for both home and foreign students makes it an affordable with it’s top notch teaching methodology. The education structure additionally accommodates a few private institutions that enroll less than 5% of the total student frame.

As public universities offer cost free education, but they have constricted English taught guides & required B1 level of German language talent with a terrific GRE score in addition to that. Here University of Applied Sciences offers greater platform for students trying to get into German education without getting to know the German Language.

Best in class academic infrastructure and staff

In term of education offered, Germany has the subsequent alternatives:

· Universities.

· Applied Science universities.

· Technical, movie, music, and art colleges.

Most of the top German public universities date back in middle ages. That results into a strict tradition of qualitative schooling all over the country. Rest institutes that had been based after WWII or recently, observe up to the footsteps of legacy establishments while following curriculum relevant to modern ages.

Alongside of their curriculum, German institutions are well equipped with their excellent infrastructure and skilled professors and educated team of workers. All this is the part of college experience of students and plunges them to promising future regardless of stream. German Education offers practice-orientated studies, innovation, and worldwide cooperation to provide the best training environment to the students.

Globally acclaimed degrees       

The German universities perform as per Bologna reform, thereby ensuring that all the students get internationally recognized degrees of all levels — from undergraduate to doctorate and beyond.

German education follows semester wise study pattern as mentioned below:

· Bachelor’s in Arts or Science is 6 semesters

· Master’s in Arts or Science is 2-four semesters, program dependent

· PhDis 4–6 semesters, depending on program.

That holds good in all degrees besides law, pharmacy, and medicine — in which college students are still taught inside the legacy methods in which a state exam is carried out at the end of their studies. This course lasts couple of semesters more than an ordinary bachelor’s direction.

English as the communication language

Another benefit of pursuing studying from Germany is that you get to observe English as your first language, which means you do now not always want to study German until you actually learn a brand new language and better recognize the nearby culture. However, moving to a new university, locating a place to live, adjusting to the new ecosystem, and studying a new language can be quite daunting — so it is a plus factor that the colleges now not impose the language on foreign students.

Good job possibilities

At the same time as the tuition fee is normally waived off in German institutes, you will nevertheless want to bear additional prices including the living cost, transportation, and many others. Therefore, it’s very essential that the area you shift in not only provides best education but also provides job opportunities. For students of EU decent, finding jobs is simple and there is no hindrance whatsoever. For Non-EU students, alternatively, a work permit is necessary, and the working hours are limited to a 180 for full days or 220 1/2 days in year.

All that aside, if you are skilled, there’ll by no means be a dearth of job opportunities in Germany as it is a totally well-developed country that fosters new-age activity roles. Rest assured, you may bag a rewarding job, provided you have right skills and qualification.

One of the crucial element to say right here is that the practice-based totally universities (university of applied sciences) in Germany have tied agreements with huge corporations to assist students at some stage in internships. These internships won’t pay heftily, however will really set a great basis to your professional life in Germany.

Despite so many advantages, many people are still reluctant to take the jump and observe abroad in Germany. We’ve skilled and mentored hundreds of college students from across the globe at upgrad, and have identified the motives why there’s a reluctance to take a look at abroad. We additionally have a solution for the diagnosed troubles. Let us observe it in detail!

First of all, to study overseas is highly-priced. Maximum of that cost is the tuition fees, and while Germany waives off the this fees (or even for the colleges that don’t, the costs continues to be drastically lower than different countries), you may still want to undergo other essential charges of residing, which include meals, journey, stay lease, and more. All of this interprets to numerous cash and has a tendency to turn out to be a roadblock to your way to realizing your dream.

Another challenge is excessively annoying documentation that comes from making plan and trying to apply overseas education. You’ll usually need to take IELTS for admission to German universities and undergo long documentation procedures. All of that may consume a lot of time, and in case you are seeking out ways to speedy but smoothly accelerate your career, you might not like to participate in such a method.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, there’s usually a struggle in moving to a very new country and settling there physically, mentally, and academically. It’s natural that you get overwhelmed with the idea of adjusting to such changes.

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Germany is a dream spot for lots college students. If you are one of them, and if you have been not able to achieve it because of any reason– understand that Admissify counselling team has your back now.

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