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October 29, 2018

All You Need To Know About Chemical Engineering.

Today we are going to talk about another new masters topic, Chemical Engineering. So what is Chemical Engineering? Allow me to unravel the facts related to Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering is that branch of engineering which deals with the design, development of processes and operation of machines and plants which alters the physical or chemical state of materials. It combines the knowledge and know-how of Chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals and their associated by-products. And if you think Chemical Engineering only deals with Chemistry and Engineering, then my friend you are dead wrong here.

This branch has spread its tentacles over a vast area ranging from biotechnology to nanotechnology. Mineral processing, Petroleum Refining, Synthetic fibres pharmaceuticals etc. are some of the areas where the knowledge of chemical engineering is of paramount importance.


·       Chemical Engineering graduates find plenty of job opportunities in manufacturing and service industries such as food, materials, chemicals, plastics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, petroleum, mining etc.

·       Universities and Research Instituitions are always on the look out for talented professionals who can impart knowledge on the subject by working as Professors etc.

·       Chemical Engineering graduates are also employed in defense establishments, nuclear power plants, renewable energy, material sciences and even medicine.


1.    Chemical Engineers are concerned with the designing, supervision, construction, installation and operation of plants and equipments manufacturing chemical products.

2.    They also deal with the production of substances with new properties which require new methods of production.

3.    They are also involved in Research & Development activities for Biotechnology farms.

TOP COLLEGES IN INDIA (in no particular order)


1.    Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (Not Ranked)

2.    IIT Bombay (179)

3.    IIT Madras (264)

4.    IIT Kanpur (293)

5.    IIT Kharagpur (308)

TOP COLLEGES ABROAD (in no particular order)

1.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)

2.    Stanford University (2)

3.    University of California, Berkeley (27)

4.    University of Cambridge (5)

5.    Kyoto University (36)

I hope this article clears all your doubts and your queries about Chemical Engineering.

Next time will come up with one more interesting masters choices for engineering. Till then, stay tuned.

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