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Best Courses to Study in Canada

February 22, 2021


Acknowledged for offering the world’s best education, Canada is the top chosen destination when it comes to studying abroad. If you are planning to study in Canada for an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, you have just made the right decision for yourself. The country which not only provides excellent work after study opportunities but also PR, Indians commonly chooses Canada for the completion of their further education. As per the survey, more than 35% of Indian students apply in the universities of Canada every year and fulfill their dream of studying abroad. If you have decided to study in Canada but confused about the programme, this article will highlight some of the best courses in Canada. But before highlighting some of the best courses provided by the universities of Canada, let me highlight why several international students choose Canada among all the other study abroad destination for their studies.

·        Post Study work Opportunities

·        Affordable tuition fees

·        Opportunity to get PR

·        Globally recognized degree

·        Friendly Natives

Compared to other destinations, Canada is ranked as the Top chosen destination in terms of offering the best quality of life and education. It may interest you that 10 universities of Canada come under World’s 250 Top universities according to the QS. After understanding why Canada is the Top chosen destination, let’s have a clear look on the top courses provided by the universities of Canada.

Business & Finance

Informing the nation’s strongest economy, Business and Finance plays a very vital role and one with a keen interest in Market and Finance should go for Business and Finance. A degree in Business and Finance will let you make an embarking career in the field of Accounting, Insurance, Economy, Investment/ Asset Management & Banking. A programme under business and Finance has many benefits. Some of them and mentioned below-

·        Excellent understanding of Financial market

·        Wide range of scope of Career

·        Excellency Post-Study Work Opportunities

·        Great Salary Package

·        Ability to contribute to Monetary Policies

·        Gain understanding about GDP (Forecasting Economy)

·        Enhance your communication, financial and various others skills & build your confidence

The universities of Canada are offering several courses and programmes related to business and Finance to every eligible student. Some of the top chosen programmes are mentioned below.

·        B.B.An in Finance

·        B. Com Hons in Economics

·        Masters in Accounting & Financial Risk Management

·        MBA in Finance

For further guidance related to programmes available in the Business and Finance sector, feel free to contact Admissify today. Our experts will guide you and help you in choosing one of the best programmes as per your eligibility.

Journalism & Mass Communication

In the current scenario, Media is a very powerful sector and the demand for programmes related to media and journalism is rising every day. With the increasing rate in the usage of social networking sites and online marketing, the demand for professionals belonging to this sector is increasing and making a career in this sector is very beneficial. If you are planning to make your career in Advertising, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relation, Journalism or Graphic Design, you can choose Journalism and Mass Communication. The universities of Canada are offering the number of courses related to Media and Journalism. Some of them are mentioned below-

·        Bachelors in Digital Media & Journalism

·        Bachelors in Media Production; Communication & Media Studies

·        Masters in Journalism

·        Diploma in Interactive Media Design

·        Bachelors in UX/UI Design

IT & Engineering

Qualified IT and Engineering professionals are in demand all over the world. It may interest you that positions like Software Engineer, Java Developer, Project Manager, Web Developer and Programme falls under Top 10 Demanding Positions in Canada with great Salary package. Some of the best programmes are mentioned below-

·        B.Sc. in Computer Science/ Data Science

·        B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistical Machine Learning

·        M.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistical Machine Learning

·        B.Sc. in Statistics and Computer Science

Medicine & Health

Wherever you are planning to reside, Doctors are available everywhere and if you are planning to pursue your career in Medicine, Canada is your option. The quality of education offered by the universities of Canada is excellent and the degree has global recognition. After studying medicine in Canada, you can either practice in Canada or return to your hometown and work. Some of the best programmes in Health and Medicine are mentioned below-

·        Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

·        Doctor of Medicine

·        Masters in Biomedical Informatics

·        M.Sc. in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Now you can choose the best programme as per your eligibility and choice and fulfill your dream of studying in Canada. For knowing further about study in Canada and Scholarships available to study in Canada, do contact Admissify Today. Our experts will guide you throughout. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information related to an affordable place to study Abroad or visit www.admissify.com for more information and get connected with us today.

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