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Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

April 26, 2018

Discover How to Study Overseas in the Least Cost

The Definitive
Guide on Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Ask any student aspiring for foreign education about their top destinations, they
are likely to blur out- USA and the UK. However one of the main concerns of
students aiming to study abroad is the total cost. When the total cost is
calculated, it usually amounts at a humongous sum. Sadly, this prompts many
students to forego their dream of receiving an overseas education altogether.

tuition fees in reputed universities in the US and the UK skyrockets, students
nurturing a dream of overseas education are looking for cheaper alternative
options around the globe. Alternative options yes, but cheaper? It may be hard
for you to believe, but yes it is possible to study overseas on a budget. Some
of the best places to study abroad are also ones where tuition fees is low,
almost negligible in some cases. So without further adieu, here are the Top 10
cheapest countries to study abroad (in no particular order)

1.     Germany: Known as the ‘Land of Ideas’, Germany boasts of 11
universities in the Top 200 QS World University Rankings 2018. Germany’s
popularity is on the ascendance among international students, and it’s not hard
to see why- reputed universities, relatively lower costs and a higher quality
of life. Those who are planning to do your undergraduate or PhD studies in the
country are in for some huge luck. There are no tuition fees for undergraduate
and PhD levels.

Master’s students who haven’t done their UG studies in
Germany might be paying a upwards of
€10,000 per semester. But
fret not, there are plenty of scholarships on offer to help you out. German
universities have produced Noble laureates in the past with their quality
education and it offers a wide array of courses in English.

Italy: Italy is home to the first
modern-day university in the world, The University of Bologna. Not only that,
Italy is also represented well in the Top 200 University Rankings. As such,
Italy wields considerable influence in the world of higher education. Despite
its influence, the country offers comparatively lower tuition costs and offers
a cheaper and affordable cost of living. However don’t equate it’s affordability
to lower quality standard. All of
the Italian universities have got set of agreements known as the Bologna
Process to meet common standards of higher education qualification.

Taiwan: With over 40 universities
offering more than 120 courses in English, Taiwan is becoming a hot choice for
international students. Our first entrant from Asia is renowned for its
affordable and high quality courses. National Taiwan University, the leading
university of the nation is placed 76th in the Top 200 QS World
University Rankings 2018. Tuition for undergraduate program comes at an
unbelievable US
$ 3,200. Add to that, the accommodation charges of US$ 2,300, you have a
situation which is too good to be true. No wonder why students are lining up
for getting enrolled in Taiwanese universities.

Poland: If you want a high quality
education on a budget, then Poland is the best choice out there. You can study
for free if you can speak Polish, and if you take the same entrance exams as
Polish students, and study your course in Polish (time to learn Polish eh).
However, if you don’t fancy the above criteria, don’t worry there are many
English taught courses at reasonable rates. Living costs are on the lower side
and what helps your case is that the capital Warsaw was ranked the second most
affordable city for students in QS Best Student Cities 2016.

Denmark: One of the world’s
happiest countries is also one of the world’s most innovative. And for all the
innovation, Denmark’s education plays a pivotal role in that. A strong emphasis
on research and high quality education ensures students get to learn a lot
while studying. Denmark, with some of the breathtaking views, is also counted
among the world’s most picturesque. Add to that a low cost of living, Denmark
is a top choice for quality but affordable education.

Mexico: One of Latin America’s
most visited countries, Mexico has a lot to offer to international students.
Primarily among them is it’s tuition fee per year comes to US
$ 5,500 making it a
reasonable choice for international students. With living costs at US
$6000 per year, it is no
wonder the country’s capital Mexico City has been named one of the world’s top
75 cities for students. Although the main language of instruction is Spanish,
Mexican universities are offering more courses in English in a bid to attract
international students.

Argentina: Argentina is mostly known
for its stunning natural beauty, with a diverse geography which makes it ideal
for students keen on adventure. What remains mostly unknown is that you can
mostly study for free at any public universities. Private institutions will set
you back by around US
$5000 or more per year. As far as living expense are
concerned US
$5000 is enough and rent costs US$350. Add to that Argentina
is one of the safest countries in the world.

South Africa: South Africa is renowned
for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. It is relatively inexpensive
with low cost of living and tuition fees. Let’s take an example here. One of
the most popular and highly ranked universities in the country is University of
Cape Town. The university, ranked 191st in the 200 QS World
University Rankings 2018, charges US
$2730 for master’s courses. Also
you’ll need US
$7090 to cover your living costs in the rainbow nation.

Malaysia: Concluding our look at
some of the best places to study abroad on a budget, takes us to Malaysia. It
is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad, particularly in terms of
living costs. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur came first for affordability in the QS
Best Student Cities 2016. In terms of tuition fee most students would need
US$4,050 per academic year,
with more cheaper courses available. US$2,860- 4,290 per year is enough to live

Malaysia is also home to a number of branch campuses of
international universities such as Australia’s Monash University and University
of Nottingham to name a few. This enables students to acquire a degree from
these institutions at a much lower cost.




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