Important Factors when deciding to Study in Germany Germany is quickly becoming one of the top choices for international students to study and immigrate. The incredible standard of education and professional post study opportunities as well as the core exposure to technical expertise in German universities makes Germany among the best when it comes to Engineering and Business education and career elevation globally. However, one needs to pursue the yearning to study in Germany in a planned manner, befitting the set of requirements which govern the education process. The steps are as follows: Choosing a German university: There are: Applied Science and Technical Universities, which are both Private and State Funded. Public or State funded universities are almost Tuition Free and have high levels of competition and entry requirements, Private universities are well renowned and have very high quality of teaching. The latest university rankings are also worth consideration when selecting the university perfect for your study in Germany. The location of the university is also of primary interest as this signifies the degree of accommodation and related expenses to mark the stay in Germany. Checking all admission related requirements: Each and every detail pertaining to the admission requirements need to be checked, which includes the Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) i.e. Higher Education Qualification. Students hailing from outside Europe require to pass the Feststellungsprüfung examination after having attended a Studienkolleg session. Language necessity: Most of the curriculum in Germany is taught in German language, which requires the students to furnish documentation of proficiency in the German language. However English taught programmes are available and popular with international students but do require a decent IELTS score for admission, so getting the best IELTS coaching is important. Financial Status: The eligibility for German student visa commands the submission of a reserve of amount of approximate 9000 Euros per year to make it through the cost of living. The funds must be deposited in a Deutsch Bank account and is available to the student upon entry to Germany on a monthly basis. Scholarships: Scholarships are available at some private universities, but not at any public universities. Scholarship preparation is important when putting in an application, so a dedicated scholarship focused application is crucial to achieve one. Most of these scholarships aim at providing the students with the best possible means to study at the University Application: The application for a student to study in Germany can be directly performed via the international office of that particular university concerned. However, students can also apply directly on the Admissify app with one single application to ALL German Universities and get Free Guidance, Scholarship advice and document verification at their fingertips Health insurance furnishing: The entire stay in Germany needs to be covered entirely by means of a dedicated health insurance. This is an absolute mandate before one can enrol and henceforth receive a student visa. This is also applicable for the receipt of a residence permit in Germany. Finding accommodation: This is a tough ask and requires extensive research and analysis to get it right. However, Admissify has the largest range of student accommodation in Germany and Europe, and is India’s no. 1 Student Accommodation provider for the last 5 years. Each and every one of these factors play a major role when deciding to study in Germany and enhance one’s career prospects. Admissify is currently the market leader in India for Germany Student Admissions and the top provider for student accommodation in Germany. With Deutsch Bank affiliation and a Germany based office in Hannover with strong links to Industry and the GIBC - students’ applying to study in Germany with Admissify have convenience, quality, and the highest chance for admission and scholarship success! Learn, Live, Apply Admissify

fees and affordability for GERMANY

  • scholarships

    Based on Merit/Need/Early AcceptancesNA*
  • accomodation

    Payable Towards StayINR 2 - 3 Lakhs Per annum
  • exchange rate

    Exchange Rate
average annual cost in GERMANY(IN LAKHS) per annum total 1 year cost=Rs.3.5L
Rs.2 L
Rs.1 L
UG/PG tution fee
Rs.5.5 L
Rs.4.5 L
UG/PG total cost
Rs.3.5 L
avg living expenses

eligibility and exam score for GERMANY

  • academic requirements (in years)

    UG - 12PG - 15
  • test preparation requirement**

    UGMay be Required

english proficiency requirement***


Some Institutions do accept 15 years of education ** Some Institutions may waive off the the Test requirements

economic overview of GERMANY


Part Time Jobs in GERMANY

Students from the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) have free access to the German job market and are practically equivalent to German students. International students from other...


Post Study Work Permit

You are allowed to extend your residence permit for up to 18 months after completing your studies for the purpose of looking for employment. Incidentally, during this period you can work as much as...


Highest Paying Jobs

Medicine (including Nursing), Engineers, Research Scientists, Finance Manager, Hospitality professional

5-10Euros/ Hour

Minimum Wages

Five to ten euros an hour is usual. Hiwis (research assistants) earn between five and 15 euros an hour, with over 90 percent earning between seven and ten euros. Some jobs may even pay more than...

placement & employment opportunities in GERMANY


Average Earning Potential (INR in Lakhs)

placement & employment opportunities

The best-paying jobs for college graduates are for STEM Graduates. STEM, refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While STEM majors dominate the list of top-earning college majors, that doesn't mean you can't make a good living if you aren't a computer whiz or future electrical engineer. Humanities majors can make a solid living, especially when we compare mid-career salaries. You can also earn pretty well in management field.

student VISA for reaching GERMANY

VISA application process

  • simple
  • moderate
  • complex
fees for VISAEuro 60
documents requiredLetter of Acceptance
VISA insuranceVisa Interview is conducted